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The Players Theatre Presents: A Masterplan in Two Acts! 

A major development of the Players Theatre to extend it to create a cultural arts and entertainment facility in Lowestoft. 


The venue is an iconic building located in the centre of Lowestoft. This fabulous old former chapel which has served us well for the past 10 years now needs improvement. Whilst a significant amount of money has been invested in developing the theatre the building needs further redevelopment to allow for multiple occupation by other users, improvement in the comfort for users and patrons in the form of heating and ventilation and improved hospitality and rehearsal facilities. 

The Lowestoft Players have been the leading amateur musical theatre group in Lowestoft for over 50 years, putting on shows for the enjoyment of its members and the theatre goers of East Suffolk. 


For the first 40 years we rehearsed in a pre-fabricated building generously provided by a local supporter.  In 2008 we were able to purchase an old Chapel (The Bethel) in the centre of Lowestoft from the Fishermen’s Mission, and preserve the building for the community. The Lowestoft Players were able to convert the building into a community theatre and rehearsal studios with its reserves and the support of WREN (Wadebridge Renewable Energy Network), The Arts Council and others. 


Initially the building was for the Players use for rehearsals and then to perform shows. The building has become a popular community asset for many other groups and users. The venue has proved to be so popular that decisions are having to be made as to who can use it when and either the Players have to relinquish rehearsal times to honour the needs of other groups or vice versa. 

The time has come to look at how we could create more space. In doing so we recognise the limitations of the existing building and have identified what needs to be done to create a premier venue in the Lowestoft area. Plans for the extended Players Theatre have been drawn up reflecting the vision of an iconic building on Battery Green Road which will allow for musical theatre, live music, exhibitions, room and venue hire to take place at the same time and provide a facility for all people in the area to enjoy a full range of entertainment. 

Our total project will cost in the region of £1.65m plus contingencies. It is ambitious and will take a number of years to realise so we are breaking it down into a number of steps or Acts as we would say in the theatre! It is our intention to seek any funding opportunities, both local or national to support our future vision.


The Theatre is managed and operated by volunteers who have a passion for musical theatre, supporting the local community and providing a major facility in the Lowestoft area. Volunteers come from all community backgrounds and all ages. We provide an opportunity for people to socialise who might otherwise be lonely.


We provide a training and development opportunity for the community to learn all aspects of theatre, from planning through performing to backstage, with many of our friends going on to have careers in the industry. Other groups who hire our current facilities organise their own events including dance instruction, meetings and parties. 

We provide a valuable facility for people to pursue a worthwhile interest during their leisure time harnessing their energy into something creative.

Act 1 

Scene 1 

Air Source heating and ventilation system. This will cool our venue users during the summer and warm them during the winter making for a much-improved experience. Budget £35,000 


Scene 2 

Full planning permission. Budget £6,000 


Scene 3 

Create access between the auditorium and the bar area enabling patrons to move around the premises and access the facilities. Budget £10,000 


Scene 4 

Retractable seating with floor improvements which will increase comfort for audiences as well as allow more flexible use of the auditorium. Budget £110,000 


Scene 5 

Roof insulation and roof solar panels to improve the efficiency of heating and ventilation systems and reduce running costs. Budget £55,000 


Scene 6 

Replacement windows (including black out blinds) and doors to improve the accessibility to the building whilst preserving its exterior appearance. Budget £100,000 


Scene 7 

Repairs to façade of existing building and signage. Budget £30,000 


Act 2 

Scene 1 

Extension to rear side of building creating. Budget £350,000 


Scene 2 

Extension to front side of building. Budget £600,000 


Scene 3 

Mezzanine floor creation in theatre space. Budget £250,000 


Scene 4 

Refurbishment of stage area, rig and under stage cross over. Budget £100,000 


Scene 5 

Front of house lighting and access gantry. Budget £30,000 

A MASSIVE thank you to all who have donated to our 'Re-Light My Fire' appeal to raise

funds to replace the heating and ventilation system at The Players Theatre


A Lancashire


Adam Neal

Adele Farrow

Adsam B Hart

AJ Danna

Alan and Olwen Jennison

Alice Taylor

Alison Forte

Alison Lincoln


Amy Jarvis

Andrew Bretton

Andrew & Patrica Liddon

Andrew Cooper

Andrew Groom

Andrew Pullum

Andrew Russell Morgan

Andy Birthday

Angela Fox

Angela Graystone

Angela Osborne

Anna Farrow

Anne Blake

Anne & Justin (from down under)

Annie and Kim Richards-Croft

Anthony Cates

April Beale

Auntie Bizzie Broadhurst

A Wilson

B&B Young People’s Theatre Group

Barrie Atkins

Barry Smith

Ben Norman

Bernie Gooch

Beryl Nettleship

Betty Hemsley

Bethan Haselden

Birds Eye Ltd, Lowestoft

Brian & Sue Wooden

Brian Chandler & Liz Grieve

Bronwen Anne Bareford

Carla Smith

Carol Lyons and Harry Godwin

Caroline Warren

Carolyn Haylock

Carolyn Youngs - in memory of Geraldine Duffield

Carole Freeman

Catherine Clark

Cerys Roscoe

Charlie Beane

Charlie Wyatt

Cheryl Hood

Chris and Joan Ure

Chris Moore

Chris Tanton

Christine Tyler

Christine Ward

Claire Bogan

Claire Clark

Claire Jones

Colin Charles Boyce

Colin Tucker

Craig Lovatt

Daryl Bryant

David and Gay Chambers

David Balder

David Porter

Dawn Clark

Dawn Rhodes

Deane Dickson

Debbie & Roger Tanton

Declan Matwij

Denise Hurren

Derek & Wendy Monument

Diana Richards

Diane Allott

Dr Colin Bannister

Elaine Thody

Emily Capper

Emily Mathers

Emily Takman

Emma Forsdicke

ETS Sales & Hire Ltd

Eva Brighty

Fay Bishop

Francesca May

Gaynor E Morris

Geoffrey Hubbard

Georgia Woollard-Kingston

Georgina Warren

Gerald, Michelle and Rian

Gill Hines

Gillian Mitchell

Gloria Dashwood

Glynis Galek

Graham Jermyn

Grainne Purvis

Hannah Brackstone-Brown

Harry Godwin

Harvey Bradley

Hayley Sharman

Hazel Cole

Hotel Katherine

Howie Forster

Ian Carter

Imogen Bunn

Irene Taylor

Ivan Day

J Carvasso

Jack Blyth

Jackie Darby

Jacquelyn Allsop

Jan Takman

Jane and Richard Roberts

Jane Collier

Jane Lewis

Jane Walker

Jane Zarins and all at INK

Janet Crawford

Janet Edwards

Jennifer Elliott

Jennifer Podd

Jennifer Wright

Jess Ellis

Jessica Peek

Jill Emmerson

Jo Taylor

Joanne Taylor

John Bailey

John Ellis

John J Bird

Jonathan and Melanie Read

Jonathan Gibbs

Joy Greehhouse

Joy Woods

Joyce Julings

Julie Garrod

Julie Hadridge

Julie Mayo

K Foreman and Family

Kathryn and Andy Edmunds

Katie Cox

Kay Turberville

Keith Goodhand

Keith Howard

Kelly Smith

Kerry Rose

Kim Simpson

Kirsty Blowers

Leaf Kalfayan

Leanna Romano

Leanne Wild

Lee Garrod

Leeds Amateur Operatic Society

LeRoy Gasson

Lesley Moore

Linda and George Harmer

Lindsey Hoare

Lisa Lawson

Liz Cannell

Liz Grieve

Liz Hynes

Louise Gooch

Louise Hay

Lucy Palmer

Luke Garrod

Lynda Joanne Morgan

Lynne Ainge


M&S Energy Community Energy Fund

Malcolm Smith

Mark & Rosemary Willis

Marks & Spencer Ltd, Lowestoft

Margaret Jordan

Mark Saunders

Mary Harris

Martin & Julie Dennison

Martin Vallis

Martin Wilson

Matt Day

Matt Wade

Maurice Garrod

Mel Darkins

Melanie Everitt

Mercedes Bell

Mervyn Pointer

Mike Turberville

Mitchells Renault & Dacia, Lowestoft

Mr & Mrs Farrant

Mr & Mrs Trevor Cox

Mr Barrett

Mr Melville Canham

Mr S Shaw

Mrs Carlton

Nancy Cuss

Nathan Garrod

Nicholas Garrod

Oliver Chipperfield

Oliver & J Jewellery, Beccles

Pamela Milner

Patricia Briggs

Paul Abrahams

Paul Hemsley

Paul Huke

Paul Allerton

Paul Uke

Paul Vincent Mullen

Paula Crisp

Pauline Elizabeth Crowther

Peter Simmen

Peter Wilson


Power to Change Community Business Crowdmatch

Rebecca Allott

Rebecca Amer

Rebecca Booth

Richard Charlton

Richard Hugh Morling

Richard Simpson

Rob Carter

Robert A Edwards

Rochelle Cuss

Ronica Dawes

Rose Pochodnia

Ross Mullenger

Ryan Lincoln

Ryan Takman

Sandy Bland

Sally Jermyn 

Sally Martin 

Samantha Bell 

Samantha Cross

Samantha Jane Saye

Sandra Crowe

Sandra Ickringill

Sandra Young

Sara Ann Poppy

Sarah Fox 

Savannah Wild


Sheri Chalk 

Shirley Hurren

Shirley Smith 

Sian Websdale

Simon Callan

Simon Groom 

S Plant

Stella Bostock

Stephanie Davies 

Stephanie Day 

Stephanie Garrod

Stephen Armer 

Stephen Berry

Stephen Brown

Stephen Went

Stephen R Wilson

Steve Darlow 

Steve Hayward 

Steve Smith 

Stuart Brighty 

Sue Bishop 

Sue Smith 

Suffolk Constabulary East Sports and Social Club

Susan Anderton

Susan Darkings

Susan Julings 

Suzanne Kingston

Susan and Robert Bilbie

Susan Powell - In memory of Joyce Powell

Tayla Chalk

Teresa Jackman

Teresa Stockdale

Terry and Julia Rymer

The Huddersfield Boys

Toni Penson

Tony Mallion

Tracey Eglington

Trevor Ayers

Trevor Carter

Trudie Jackson

Val Millward

Vetta Wise

Victoria Kirk

Wendy Brooks

Wendy and Derek Monument

Will Ellis

William Holmes

And of course all of the people who have donated anonymously. 


Thank you to everyone. You are ALL amazing!

To support us with our ambitious project, either contact us directly,

or click here to make a donation via PayPal.

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The Players Theatre, The Bethel

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Suffolk, NR32 1DE

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